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26 November 2014, 22:55
County Commissioner Mohamed Birik has dispelled fears over possible terror attack in Nakuru.
PROTEST: Protesters feign death on a pile of wooden crosses representing those killed in a string of attacks during a demonstration in Nairobi to demand greater security as thousands of Kenyan civil servants were urged to leave troubled regions hit by a wave of insurgent attacks. Photo: Tony Karumba

26 November 2014, 22:55
Uganda's First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni is advising young couples to practice family planning until they are ready to take up family responsibilities including looking after their children who should always be their first priority.
26 November 2014, 22:55
Police have formed a special squad called ‘Anti Stripping Squad’ to deal with men who strip women in public.

26 November 2014, 22:55
A dead pregnant woman from Canada gave birth 23 hours after she was confirmed dead in her coffin.
26 November 2014, 22:55
A 19-year-old girl has revealed how she is addicted to eating bathroom sponges since the age of five.
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Surrendered terror suspects linke...
Submitted by
Ken Wekesa

Mombasa court has ordered the detention of two terror suspects who surrendered to the police in Mombasa in connection to the shooting of Mombasa CID boss. Read more...

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Man nabbed with homemade gun at a...
Submitted by
Arap Yego

Police in Cheptais Bungoma County are holding a 40-year-old man who was found with a homemade gun and an improvised bullet.  Read more...

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