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16 April 2014, 18:48
Nairobi County government clamped at least seven national government’s vehicles bearing the Council of Diplomat (CD) registration numbers outside Nyayo House for alleged obstruction and double parking.
FOLLOWING CHRIST: Police officers in the Philippine capital Manila carry wooden crosses to imitate the suffering of Jesus Christ and as a means to atone for their sins. Various acts of penitence, including men carrying heavy crosses or whipping their bare backs bloody with strips of bamboo, and men and women being ceremonially nailed to crosses are a feature of Lent in the Philippines, Asia's Catholic outpost. Photo: Jay Directo

16 April 2014, 18:48
The Kilifi county government has suspended all mining activities conducted within the county and directed all mining companies conducting the business to submit their licenses for inspection.
16 April 2014, 18:48
Up to 1 000 refugees from war-torn South Sudan are fleeing to Ethiopia each day, many of then on the brink of death, the UN says.

16 April 2014, 18:48
Stand-in KCB assistant coach Michael Oyando believes that the season is not yet over for the club despite their disastrous start.
16 April 2014, 18:48
After suspending their coach James Nandwa, AFC Leopards are eyeing former Ulinzi Stars coach Salim Ali.
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MP blames Judiciary for escalatin...
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Kieni MP, James Mathenge has pointed an accusing finger to the Judiciary claiming that it has contributed to the rising violent crimes in the country. Read more...

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Chief arrested for forcing daught...
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Police have arrested a chief who was found taking part in a Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) ritual in Narok.  Read more...

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