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01 February 2015, 17:54
Egyptian official says Australian Al-Jazeera reporter Peter Greste has been freed.
NEW CHAIRMAN: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is seen at the opening ceremony of the 24th Heads of State meeting at the African Union in Ethiopian. African leaders appointed President Mugabe as the new chairman of the 54-nation African Union. Photo: Zacharias Abubeker

01 February 2015, 17:43
The ICC should drop or suspend charges against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Deputy President William Ruto until African concerns about the court and proposals to change its founding treaty are considered.
01 February 2015, 17:43
Two people were killed and seven others injured in an accident involving a matatu and a motorbike along the Embu-Meru highway.

01 February 2015, 17:43
Islamic extremists attacked Maiduguri, the biggest city in northeast Nigeria from four fronts overnight with the crescendo of warfare, booming cannon and whooshing rockets.
01 February 2015, 17:43
The news of a video purportedly showing the killing of Kenji Goto, a journalist held hostage by Islamic State militants, have rushed through Japan.
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Impunity is hindering equality in...
Submitted by

What Alfred Keter portrayed to the public at Gilgil weighbridge is that equality is far from being achieved in the legal realm; some people are above the law and others just have to follow the law without any say. Read more...

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Tobiko wants CID boss shooter's b...
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Ken Wekesa

The director of public prosecution, Keriako Tobiko has applied for the cancelation of bond granted to man suspected to have shot Mombasa CID boss, Ndumba Thangalani. Read more...

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